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Whole House Germ and Odor Air Purifier

UVPhotoMAX™ Whole House UV-C Germicidal and Odor Control

When an UVPhotoMAX™ is installed by the professionals at Dallas, TX based Kozy Services, your “conditioned” air will be much better than just comfortable – it will be healthier to breathe!


  • UVPhotoMAX™easily installs in your HVAC system to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) by literally decomposing hundreds of everyday odors, and by killing millions of airborne organisms that cause illness, allergic reactions and troublesome mildew, mold and fungus problems.
  • Makes Your Air Healthier! With the UVPhotoMAX™, as air is re-circulated through your Air conditioning & Heating system microorganisms are killed as they pass through the UV-C light in the Dual-Band ReFresh™ metal oxidation chamber.
  • Stops Odors! The primary focus of every UVPhotoMAX™ device is the Ultravation® ReFresh™ innovative oxidation photocatalytic reactor / Photon Clarifier. It actually breaks odor elements into safe substances.

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ReFresh Odor Reduction

UltraMAX™ can keep your home smelling fresher! Add an Ultravation® ReFresh™ photo catalytic odor reduction module to automatically neutralize HUNDREDS household odors!

UVPhotoMAX is a system with advanced whole house airborne germicidal and odor control capabilities, by incorporating an advanced ReFresh™ purification process (developed for commercial applications and patented in 2004*). It’s controlled by a Photon Clarifier™ that regulates the unique and adjustable Dual-band UV Emitter™, an Ultravation exclusive!

The Ultravation® Refresh Odor Reduction Module is permanently coated with an exclusive titanium dioxide formulation and is powered by your UltraMAX™ UV light to chemically break down VOCs*. ReFresh™ Works to reduce odors from all kinds of indoor activities-from cooking, cleaning, pet odors, and even home improvement projects. It’s PERMANENT! So it requires no maintenance or scheduled replacement.

*VOCs: Volatile Organic Compounds. Odors released from many sources, including pets, cigarette smoke, paint, new carpet, pesticides, cooking smoke, cleaners, and even dry cleaned items.

When UVPhotoMAX™ is installed by Kozy Services the air is constantly re-circulated through the HVAC system making your “conditioned” air better than just comfortable – it will be healthier to breathe!

Recommended Add-On Option

Complete your system with a remote EZ Light™
EZLight“STOP MOLD”before it starts! EZ-Light™ is highly recommended by Kozy Services, this UV Light option keeps evaporator coils clear of mold and other bio-contamination. The EZ-Light™is a special UV light that plugs directly into the UVPhotoMAX and is installed near the air conditioning evaporator coil. It keeps mold from growing on wet HVAC components inside the system – often a major source of household mold. Also a great help for allergy sufferers and saves energy by keeping the evaporator coil clean!

Save Energy with EZ Light

Let your UVPhotoMAX pay for itself in lower energy bills! Most HVAC systems have mold and other bio-contamination growing on the naturally wet surfaces inside that impedes its efficiency. The EZ Light™ is a virtual 24/7 evaporator coil “cleaner”, because it continuously prevents microbe growth on the evaporator coil.

Save the Planet

The EZ-Light™ can reduce energy consumption AND prevent environmentally unfriendly and expensive chemical evaporator coil cleanings.

Once Kozy Services installs the UVPhotoMAX™ it will bring the air purification power and performance of a commercial indoor air quality system to your home. We also sell whole house air cleaners.

The UltraMAX System is covered by a ten year parts warranty.


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