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Hidden Energy Savings with Attic Tents

Attic Tent Energy SaverAttic tents are wonderful energy efficiency add-on to attic insulation for saving money on energy consumption. Homeowners work hard throughout the year to keep energy cost manageable, but with so many areas to address, this can sometimes be difficult. Many families have experienced the need to turn the thermostat up during cold evenings, finding lower levels of the house to be too cold. This escaping heat is expensive and should be used by your family, not the outdoors. With transportation and gas prices continuing to climb, heating and cooling costs can be effectively reduced through the use of attic tents.

The air from your heating and air conditioning system tends to leak out of small cracks and seeps into your attic through the attic opening/stairs area. Losing energy through windows and doorways is a common expectation, but considering the amount of heat lost through the attic, it just makes sense to stop one of the biggest holes, your attic stairs, with an attic tent. Rather it is cold air you want to keep out or hot air from getting in, and attic tent helps “seal off” the attic area and keeps the offending air at bay. Additionally, attic tents help keep insulation, attic dust, bugs, and other “goodies” separated from your living area, which can improve indoor air quality.

Attic Tents – Are They THAT Good?

  • Creates an air-tight barrier, reducing energy loss year round
  • Stops transfer of humidity, dust, and insulation particles
  • Insufficient attic ventilation can bring on destructive effects to the roofing area of your home.
  • Reduces Energy Bills
  • One of the simplest “upgrades” you can do to start saving money immediately

Keeping energy inside, where it can circulate to heat or cool a home, makes excellent use of your HVAC system. Benefits are year round with attic tents, they are easy to install and convenient to use. Attic tents are designed in many sizes, materials, and they are excellent insulators. With the amount of heat that accumulates in attic openings it is important to have strong installation that gives the needed barrier to keep your air conditioning system working at it highest efficiency.

Keep your home Kozy with heat saving attic tents. A cold afternoon is better enjoyed without the worry of outrageous heating cost. Most families have a budget and the more of your spending dollar you can keep the more secure your families future. Attic tents can help you put more money back into your pocket. Invest in an attic tent today.


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